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2 firsts for us today.

Our first day on Wolfhound on our own and our first sail!

We woke to fine weather on Monday morning (at last). We headed out of Lymington and hoisted the sails and set out west towards the Needles. She is so easy to sail, very well balanced and has a lovely gentle motion. Steven and I are struggling a bit with learning to steer with hydraulics. We are both over steering because she is slow to respond to the helm due to her size and weight. I am sure we will master it soon enough. We have named the auto pilot Paddy and when we gave him the job of steering he was so much better at it than us! We turned back down the Solent when we had reached the Needles lighthouse and caught the tide and a beam reach in the sunshine took us to Cowes and back to our berth in Southampton that night. WONDERFUL!!!!!!

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