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I can see why they call this part of the NW Spanish coast ‘Costa de Morte’ Coast of Death! It certainly is extremely hazardous with reefs, shoals and jagged, isolated, rocks everywhere. One of the results of this rugged coast is the most amazing selection of picturesque lighthouses marking every headland and rocky shoal. We have been lucky to have experienced such benign weather since we got to Spain but I can imagine that when the winter Atlantic storms hit this coast it must be quite awe inspiring. For our part we have enjoyed wonderful unspoilt fishing villages, beautiful white sand beaches, very friendly people and not spoilt by tourism. This, of course, is probably due to the fact that the sea, although very clear and clean, is pretty nippy!

As I write this we are rolling along on the ocean swell (under motor as there isn’t any wind) next stop Bayona where we will fuel up before leaving for Oporto in Portugal either tomorrow or the next day.

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