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Steven & Louise

"The Advenurers"

Shamus & Paddy

"The Boys"

In early 2007 Steven and Louise began to discuss the idea of building their dream yacht and undertaking blue water cruising. The experienced sailing couple knew it had to be a schooner because, in their humble opinion, this was without a doubt the most beautiful and graceful rig. They also knew that she had to be very sea kindly and comfortable with all the conveniences of home. Around that time Steven and Louise read an article in Yachting World about this great boatyard in the middle of Dorset in Southern England that was building a schooner in wood epoxy construction.  “We really liked the idea of building our schooner in wood epoxy, that way we could take part in wooden boat festivals and races whilst on our travels.” says Steven. 


“On a visit to England, we took the opportunity to go to visit Martyn at his boatyard and see the schooner he was building at the time. The minute we met Martyn we knew, he was the man to build us our dream.” says Louise.


It is more usual to have a yacht designed and then find a suitable builder, but the Dews knew that the most important element of the process was to find a builder who they could have total faith in. All the more necessary, as they would be 12 thousand miles away in Australian whilst the construction took place and only able to visit once a year. The next task was to appoint a designer.  


“We had seen a yacht for sale on the web and it had the elements we were looking for. We met the designer in Holland and gave him our wish list of all the things that we wanted to have in our schooner. Back home in Australia we spent many hours talking and planning. Steven drew artist impressions of all the cabins, so I could visualise what it was going to look like. It was all so exciting!” says Louise.


Just before Christmas 2007 the preliminary plans arrived from the designer which Steven and Louise then presented to Martyn, so that he could prepare a quote and a contract. 


“We signed a contract with Martyn in February 2008. We were off on our incredible journey to produce our dream schooner!” 


Martyn Brake

"The Builder"

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