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Steven Dews

Sea Painter

Steven Dews is one of the world's most popular sea painters. His outstanding skill lies in his ability to reproduce the natural elements of sea and sky on canvas and combine that with absolute precision to depict ships and boats under sail.


Steven draws much of his inspiration from sailing and has owned many yachts over the past 40 years, he relates, "I sail so I can paint and I paint so I can sail, I have a great respect for the sea and never tire of her and all her moods". The world trip aboard Wolfhound will enable Steven to get more deep ocean experience and draw inspiration from living close to the sea full time.


Steven’s ambition, since early childhood, has been to sail to Tahiti this was bought about by a deep fascination with the tale of the ‘Bounty’ mutiny. Steven was born near Hull in Yorkshire and Hull is where the original “Bounty”, then named “Berthia” was built. He spent many years sailing out of Whitby, an East coast Yorkshire town and the home port of Captain Cook.  Cook taught Bligh (Bounty’s captain) some of his navigational skills.   All these connections were irresistible to Steven and the idea for a sailing voyage to the South Seas became an obsession.


The inspiration to design a schooner, was born of an Arthur Ransome story which featured a small green schooner.  Steven says “we could have built a highly efficient sail boat that would have been very easy to sail and fast but maybe not so pleasing on the eye. This yacht of ours had to have, ‘row away factor’.  She is also reasonably ‘low tech’ as modern push button boats have the potential to miss the point of sailing”. The schooner rig is, not only beautiful to look at but also relatively easy for a short handed crew to sail.

She may not go up wind as easily as a sloop but on our trip, if the winds against us, we will either wait, or go the other way!  


To enquire about commissioning a painting, please contact Steven via email:


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Louise Dews

Goldsmith & Jewellery Designer

Originating from England, Louise has spent most of her life travelling the globe and spending long periods in some of the world’s most interesting and diverse countries. 


Her works bring these global experiences to life and ensures each piece of jewellery is born from curious inspiration or possesses its very own tale. 


Louise presents a wealth of innovation and insight with each of her creations and draws on personal observation of the world and its natural environment. She has been creating signature and bespoke jewellery pieces for the past 7 years.  


Louise delivers lustrous creations in silver and gold, often surrounding stones and always integrating interesting detailing, whether it be contemporary or classical.


Living and working in the Australian bush for the past 14 years has been wonderfully inspiring and Louise knows that this new adventure of sailing around the globe, for the next few years, will enhance her creativity and present new and exciting materials and ideas to work with.


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