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Why is she called the Wolfhound ?


Because we had two of the most wonderful Wolfhounds called Shamus and Paddy.  They have been the best companions for 9 years. We rescued them from ‘death row’ at a dog pound in Sydney when they were 4 months old. They had been abandoned together on the the side of a major road. They were very thin and infested with flees when they were found.  We brought them home and they have repaid us a thousand times over with their love, loyalty and good guarding.


When trying to decide on a name for our new schooner, we thought of all the famous vessels that had gone before with ‘Hound’ names. The mighty sailing ships - ‘Deerhound’, ‘Staghound’, Greyhound’ and of course, the famous racing yacht ‘Bloodhound’ and the exquisite little gaff sloop ‘Foxhound’.  It seemed to us that the name ‘Wolfhound’ was a noble name, with a connection to famous vessels from history.


64’   Centreboard Schooner


Overall Length      22.54m

Length on Deck    19.55m

Waterline length    14.85m

Beam                     5.54m


Mastheight above             waterline                   23.77m

Draft                    1.75/3.65m

Sailarea                     218msq


Composite construction

Isle of Man registered



MB Yachts Ltd.

Boatbuilders of bespoke yachts ranging in size from 30ft-70ft. Also restoration of traditional wooden yachts.



Fax         01258 861444

Phone     01258 861444


Unit 6

St Patricks Industrial Estate

Station Road


Dorset  DT11 9QL

United Kingdom  

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