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Hi everyone, Hope you like our new web site. This is going to be much easier to manage and I plan to start putting more regular updates on the site which will let everyone know the progress. At the moment we are waiting for the arrival of the engine from Mexico. It is very delayed due to some component supply problem to the factory in Mexico. It is a 300hp John Deere. The interior panelling continues a pace and she is starting to really come together. Steven’s brother Paul will be flying from Ibiza to carry out all the electrical and instrument installation on board. He is a Marine Electronics Engineer so the perfect man for the job! The centreboard is under construction and once in place all the interior of the saloon can be finalised. The Northern Lights generator is in place but yet to be properly installed. Most of the deck hatches and boxes have been constructed on the shop floor and installed on the deck. We are also waiting for quotes for the masts and rig to come in. So lots of waiting going on and we are champing at the bit to get going. Cannot wait for the day we finally sail away from the dock to start our great adventure. We have been unable to make more than a sketchy cruising plan as we don’t have a launch date for Wolfhound. Once we know when she will be ready to go we can start to make proper plans. Initially we have signed up for the East Atlantic Rally with the Ocean Cruising Club which starts in Portugal in August 2014. This will be a good way to ease ourselves into things. In company with many very experienced long distance sailors we will, no doubt, gleen lots of valuable information and advise. The rally ending in November in The Cape Verdes Islands and from there is a good jumping off point for the Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean.

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