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Discovering Lunenburg- Cod Jigging

A couple of weeks ago Steven and I were treated to a great day out aboard the plucky little schooner ‘Pegasus’ with captain Richard and his partner Rochelle as well as another of our wonderful new schooner friends, Wendy. We were collected from the dock on a bright a sunny Sunday morning and transported along the coast to where Pegasus awaited us. We were going ‘jigging for cod’ this was a new experience for Steven and I but what fun we had. No wind so we motored out towards West Ironbound Island. Richard cut the engine and we were all supplied with hand lines with several hooks and lures on them. Over the side we put them and ‘jigged’ the lines up and down and within no time had fish on our hooks. Cod, Mackerel and Herring and I caught a very large blue shark but luckily he managed to get off the hook before we got him to the boat. Not sure what we would have done otherwise as having a large and angry shark in the cockpit could have slightly spoilt the day! With buckets overflowing with fish Rochelle prepared a very special lunch for us. Everything was a local dish. First we had a bowl of delicious Hotch Potch (A veggie soup finished with cream) then freshly caught Cod and Mackerel lightly floured and fried with cucumber salad and finished off with Blueberry Grunt which is stewed wild blueberries with home made dumpings cooked in the berries, served with cream. Totally delicious!

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