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Nova Scotia and the Schooners

Its been a while since I posted a blog and our luck has turned at last. We left Fairhaven 10 days ago and crossed through the Cape Cod canal and on up to Nova Scotia. Arrived here in Shelburne last Thursday morning in thick fog which was what we knew we would be experiencing once we came north east. Shelburne is a very historic little town as it is where many of the Loyalist settled when they fled America around the 1730's. The waterfront probably hasn't changed since that time and is very picturesque. We are here to join the Nova Scotia Schooner association annual regatta and we have had so much fun. The people are so warm and hospitable and going out every day amongst this fleet of beautiful schooners is such a treat for the eyes. We have our neighbours Bryn and Sue from New Zealand on board with us at the moment and as I write this sitting in the sun in the cockpit on a glorious summer morning Bryn is in the Galley cooking lobsters which we have just bought from a passing lobster fisherman. Life doesn't get much better than this!!!!

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