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Discovering Lunenberg - Restoration

This is such a wonderful little town. Not only is it picture perfect but it has a genuine working waterfront and the people are so warm and welcoming. We have made many new friends who have made us feel very included.

I want to give you some little cameos of the place in the next few blogs.

All the buildings in town, apart from a two monstrous '70 brutalist" brick buildings, are timber shingles. The majority are historic and were built with great skill and style by ship builders and master tradesmen. As a UNESCO Heritage site its necessary to keep the buildings in good order and with the sever winter weather that is an ongoing task. There are wharf buildings that are undergoing a 2 year restoration project, mostly wooden windows and shingle walls. I had a opportunity to go up into the loft to see the painting of the shingles before they are hung and it made for great photographs.

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