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Spain at last!

Lunch in the cockpit in A Coruna

Magnum in the Atlantic!

Hoisting our Cook Island Flag for the first time

Our trans Biscay passenger!

I can't believe that its only 2 weeks since we sailed away from The Channel Islands on our way across the Bay of Biscay to Spain. We had a very good crossing of the Bay but lots of motoring because the wind was in the wrong direction a lot of the time. About half way across we took on a passenger in the form of a racing pigeon. He was supposed to be racing from Reims in NE France to Berwick in Scotland and somehow ended up aboard Wolfhound far out west in the Atlantic. We still have him as his owner is going to organise him being shipped back to the UK from Gibraltar so he will be with us for at least another 4 weeks but I have managed to make him a reasonable cage out of bits and pieces so he is quite happy.

Our landfall in Spain was the Galician city of A Coruna. What a lovely city it was too. Very friendly, wonderful architecture and amazing seafood!!! we staid there for 4 days and took the opportunity to take the train to Santiago de Compostela which was somewhere I have always wanted to visit but I had hoped to walk there rather than take the train but I may never get the chance to walk in so had to see it just in case.

We have had some wonderful sailing down the cast but haven't got very far as the little Spanish fishing villages are so irresistible. We are in Muros at the moment which is just south of Cape Finisterre and a lovely old town with a great atmosphere. Heading south slowly and really got into cruising mode now.

Celebrating receiving our Cook Island registration papers

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