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Portugal and Nazare

Well we are now in Portugal and LOVING IT!!! There are not that many places to stop down the coast as there are bars on most entrances but Nazare is one of the few all weather marinas on the Silver Coast. It is also the home of the biggest wave surfed in the world! Great base to explore the hinterland which is verdant and pretty. We dropped off our passenger (of one month) the racing pigeon here as the owner's cousin lives nearby. We are a little sad to say goodbye to Jojo but we handed her over to her new carers until she is transported back to Scotland in the middle of October. By the time she gets back to Berwick she will have been away from home for 4 months!

Backtracking a bit. We really enjoyed our time in Bayona. It was a beautiful town with a very impressive fortification guarding the entrance to the harbour. We had a great sail south from there.

We stopped in a port north of Oport and took the metro into the city. What a treat that was, very picturesque and visiting the port cellars of the likes of Sandman, Taylor's, and Graham was very special and so seeped in history as well as alcohol!

Heading south with a good schooner breeze; Steven was helming down wind under a full moon with QUEEN full blast through the cockpit speakers!

Leaving for Cascais today and Lisbon......

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The fortification at Bayona

Oporto with the traditional river craft used to bring the barrels of port down river to the port houses.

Spectacular Nazare
Nazare's faded splender, the architecture not the cyclist!
Optimistic Portugese fishermen casting off a 500' cliff!

Octopus hung out to dry on the beach at Nazare

Wave caused by a 2,500 meters deep under sea canyon with runs up to the beach at Nazare.
Unbelievable photo.  See the surfer in the bottom right corner!

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