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My bus trip in Madeira and our trip to the Canary Islands

Well its been a little while since my trip on Madeira but we have been so busy getting the boat 'put to bed' before we fly home to NZ tomorrow.

We had a good trip from Madeira to Gran Canaria but had to motor sail a lot of the time as the wind was very light and patchy.

We have settled into the marina here and it is a good safe place to leave her for 4.5 months but there is a problem with sand blowing from the Sahara dessert so we expect her to be pretty dirty when we get back.

This will be my last post for a while and it feels funny to be leaving the boat here and flying so far away from her. I am sure she will be safe and we have lots to get on with at home. Not looking forward to the next few days of travelling but there is no way around that!

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