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Back on board.

Well we have been back on board, in the Canary Isles, for 9 days now and it has been a week of solid work and lots of highs and lows. We have had to add many more tasks to our already long work list. The radio was struck by lightening during our absence which has now been repaired. Many other irritating issues but we are working through them. We got Sam stuck half up and half down the mast when the halyard he was being hoisted aloft on jumped off the roller at the top of the rig and jammed up. Someone (mentioning no names) had omitted to open one of the 12 sea cocks. After a few days on board it caused a bit of an explosion in the bathroom! What a mess, the poor bugger who forget the sea cock got the job of cleaning up!!! Just before dinner too.

The weather is great, warm and dry so we are able to get lots done on deck. Our 4th crew member, for the Atlantic crossing, is joins us this evening and with any luck we will get away on about the 9th March.

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