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Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

The regatta was great fun. We moved Wolfhound around into the Historic Nelson's Dockyard where all the classic yachts were gathered for the regatta. It was the most incredible sight with dozens of beautiful old yachts from all over the world gathered in the UNESCO world heritage site. We managed to get a berth amongst them all and had 6 days there. We didn't race Wolfhound as Steven wanted to keep on with his painting but I was invited to race aboard a dear little traditional Caribbean trading sloop called SWEETHEART. Such fun and we met so many lovely people. Sam was still with us and he was invited to crew aboard the magnificent 220' 3 masted schooner called ADIX. He had a ball and was looking a little jaded when we put him ashore this morning for his onward journey to start his new job aboard a beautiful 85' modern classic yacht for the return journey across the Atlantic to the Med.

We have decided its time to start moving north so we are leaving for St Barths today which is about 80 miles north of here. There is another regatta over the coming weekend but only for all the traditional Caribbean working sail boats. It promises to be a wonderful spectacle and I will be racing aboard SWEETHEART again.

Steven hasn't finished his painting yet but feels that he can work on it as we travel north. There is great light in the deck saloon and we will find quiet anchorages where he can work.

Remember to hover your mouse over the images to read the details. ENJOY! xxx

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