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The Bahamas

Sorry its been a while but internet in the Bahama Cays is very slow so I have not had a chance to up date you all.

We had a very uneventful 6 day trip up from St. Martin. We had some great sailing with plenty of breeze but also a lot of calmer times when we were only doing about 4 knots. We had to clear customs in Georgetown which is the capital of Great Exuma Island. Our first impressions of The Bahamas are very favourable. The people are really friendly and courteous. The town is very underdeveloped and everywhere there is evidence of hurricane damage as the islands were hit hard in 2015 and 2016. The sea is the most unbelievable clear turquoise but navigating the coral reefs and cuts is going to be a challenge as we go north. We have been anchored off Stocking Island for 4 days and will probably be here until Monday as the weather forecast is for high winds and thunderstorms for the next few days and we will need good visibility and calm seas to negotiate the reef cut on our next little leg. Once we arrive at the end of the Exuma chain we will be heading west across the Great Bahamas Bank to Bimini. I cannot wait for that experience as it means a trip of about 2 days over water that is only 15metres deep and swimming pool blue. At night we can just stop in the middle of no where and drop the anchor! That will be a very strange experience, being anchored out of sight of land!

I will probably not be able to blog again until we reach the USA as the internet in this town is probably as good as we can get out here.

The first 2 photos Steven took as we were leaving Antigua. This whale just kept breaching and breaching I stopped counting at 20 times. The people on that yacht must have got the shock of their lives as that whale breached only a few metres from them! Steven only managed to get the splash unfortunately as it would have been a prize winning photo.

enjoy the photos.

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